Brakes - Intro

Gaining Competitive Edge - Stopping Faster

Reducing stopping distance is of paramount importance particularly in the tightly controlled official championship where options to gain engine power are simply not available.  Our selection of Mintex and Pagid pads are based on our race experience.  The standard brakes are under braked at the front relative to the rears.  With the AP upgraded front calipers & discs the rears become under braked. 

The Mintex M1144 compound is a good choice for road, track and race use although the Pagid RS14 & RS15 compounds provide  the best effective combination of braking effectiveness and pad life.  For ultimate stopping performance with the standard brakes we recommend the Pagid RS15 for the front with the slightly less aggressive  RS14 for the rear.  Fitting a brake bias valve can significantly increase braking effectiveness through providing the ability to balance the use of different pad compounds between the front and rear.

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