Spa Mirror Black Nut Conversion Kit

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A long awaited solution for Caterham road and race cars that enables the mirror to be adjusted without removing the mirror from the standard two hole base.  Also an essential add-on to fix the standard Spa two hole base directly to the bodywork. 

Whilst Spa side mirrors are an excellent solution the standard fixing can often result in not allowing the mirror to be adjusted in position.  Here at DPR we have designed solutions to allow Spa mirrors to be fixed to the windscreen stanchion and/or roll cage.  However for those who have made use of the standard fixing we have developed a solution that allows this method to be retained but modified to enable in place adjustment and tightening of the mirror.  This solution is relevant for fixing Spa mirrors to an aero-screen or to the bodywork, particularly when a full roll cage is not present.

The DPR Spa fixing conversion kit fits into your existing Spa base and consists of the three components below.  If you send us your existing base, we will return with the conversion kit fitted.  We would recommend sending older bases to us as the thread design has changed.  Relatively recent bases should not have such issues.

DPR Conversion Kit - The three components

  1. Thread reducer to fit into standard base.  This fits all recently supplied Spa mirror bases but may not fit older versions.  Before placing your order check that the base internal thread reaches almost to the top.  If any doubt send the base to us to check. 
  2. Stud to fit into thread reducer and the Spa black nut.  One end of the stud is machined to allow the mirror ball end to fit.
  3. The Spa black mirror adjusting nut allows the mirror to be adjusted and fixed into position. 
Once the conversion kit is installed the mirror can be refitted using the existing fixings enabling use of the externally adjusted Spa  black nut to hold in position.