Brakes - Technical

Mintex M1144

The Mintex M1144 pad does not have as much stopping power as the Pagid but the M1144 pads represent good value for money and provide good stopping straight from cold.

Mintex F6R

Mintex F6R was formulated to address specific applications needing medium to low torque with a high temperature threshold. These applications are almost all rear axle applications for front wheel drive and for live axle rear wheel drive applications. High heat tolerances with consistent repeatability were the two major requirements for this formulation.
Used in Endurance racing, Group N, Touring Cars etc.  Good temperature resistance but without the high friction coefficient that could over-brake the rear of a Caterham fitted with the standard front calipers

Pagid RS14

The Pagid RS14 is a popular ceramic based friction material. It has very good modulation characteristics and offers good control against wheel lock at all temperatures.  Whilst providing reduced pad wear, particularly at high temperatures it is still relatively light in terms of disc wear and minimises surface stress fractures. Outside the track day environment RS14 has also shown success in circuit racing offering low heat conductivity.  The  reduced thermal transfer from disc to pad results in lower caliper and brake fluid temperatures.

Pagid RS15

The Pagid RS15 is a ceramic based formulation developed on the basis of the RS14. Suitable for applications where very high levels of torque are required, or situations were very high disc temperatures are experienced. The increase in bite is often very useful on cars without servo assistance, that are known to require high pedal forces to brake the car efficiently.

RS15 also offers a very high level of cold bite, something that is uncommon with high friction level compounds. This can be beneficial in situations where adequate warm up periods are not possible such as at a race start. Another plus with RS15 is the improvements made with the release characteristics of the material. This allows for much greater levels of control when coming off and going back on the brake pedal, allowing smoother modulation when the brake reacts more quickly to pressure changes made at the brake pedal.

Friction Levels

  Mintex M1144Mintex F6R Pagid RS14  Pagid RS 15
Cold  0.440.28 0.44 0.50
 At 100°C  0.45 0.28 0.47 0.57
 At 300°C  0.46 0.28 0.49 0.54
 Max  0.46 0.40 0.54 0.62
Constant working temperature 100 – 500°C 100-800°C 400 – 800°C 400 – 800°C
 Max temperature for short period only 500°C  800°C 800°C900°C