REAL Resin Bead Seat System

The REAL resin bead seat system is the optimum method to build your race car seat. All drivers can benefit from an enhanced driving experience by having direct connection with their race cars.

Ensure an optimum seat position

Relying on the standard seat can often compromise the optimum driving position. With taller drivers there can be insufficient clearance between the top of the race helmet and roll cage which, without correction, will fail scrutineering. 

In  terms of driver safety, the resin bead seat offers much more impact resistance than foam which is why resin bead seats are the preferred choice in most categories of racing around the world.  The REAL seat can be  supplied covered with a professionally fitted race cloth cover with an option to include personalised logos.

Considerations for Novice Drivers

In order to gain full value from this seat it is important that the required seat position is fully understood.  For novice drivers we recommend that unless there are compelling reasons for this seat, e.g. with a tall driver, purchase is delayed until there has been significant on-track use of the car.  We will assess if is possible to adjust the standard Tillet seat and pedals as the solution.  Only when it is quite clear that a resin seat is the best solution we recommend the basic tape covering option is selected so that the seat can have further adjustment if required.

DPR Seat Assessment

Prior to making the seat we carry out a full seating assessment to confirm the optimum seating position that ensures compliance with the necessary helmet clearance but no compromise to pedal position and the ergonomics of operating the steering and brakes.   This assessment is agreed with seat fitter prior to the seat build and checked at the final stage of the seat fit process.

Post build and after cure we trim the seat to the required final shape and cover with tape to allow trial use before a cover (if required) is fitted.  Our seat fit process includes a full pedal setup check and adjust as required.