Fitting Spa Mirrors to a DPR Mount

As standard a Spa side mirror comes with the fixing plate shown on the lower mirror in the picture.  This plate needs to be replaced by a Spa Black Nut as fitted to the top mirror.

Fixing a DPR Spa Pillar Mount to a windscreen stanchion.

A long awaited solution for Caterham road cars that offers a much improved fit solution due use of the Spa conical nut with the Spa metal ball enabling the mirror to be tightened without removal from the stanchion.

The part advertised is just for a single adaptor to mount one Spa mirror to the windscreen stanchion. The Spa mirror is not included and is present just to show how the pillar mount would appear in use. The DPR pillar mount is supplied together with cap head bolt to fix to the windscreen stanchion and the large black nut required to secure the Spa mirror to the pillar mount as shown in the main picture.

The pillar mount can also be used with an Academy race car and on a subsequent removal of the windscreen. e.g. Roadsport upgrade to 270R, the mirror with its pillar mount can be easily mounted on the roll cage using the DPR roll cage mount. Unique flats on the side ensure that the pillar mount can be held in place whilst the mirror is tightened in position.