New DPR Motorsport Product Offerings

Caterham Side Intrusion Bar - Chassis Boss Cover (Pair) - Black Anodised
Supplied as a set of two this newly designed part covers the rather ugly hole on the boss for mounting a side intrusion bar on a Caterham chassis. 
Manufactured in black anodised aluminium this boss cover ensures a finished appearance and also prevents the inevitable rusting that occurs to the internal thread when left open to the elements.  The black anodised finish matches the Caterham powder coat and the knurled surround improves the aesthetics as well as enabling the part to be screwed in place.

Caterham SIB Chassis Boss Covers - Set of Two

Note: These covers are for the side intrusion boss with a 7/16 x 20 UNF thread that is the standard across the Caterham range. It is imperative that the threads in the boss are not clogged with paint or rust.  In most cases the threads can be cleaned using a 7/16 x 20 UNF bolt or for maximum cleaning use of a tap to the above  specification may be  required for the boss cover to fit.

Use copper grease or similar on the thread when fitting the boss covers to ensure corrosion does not occur preventing later removal.