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Vinyl - Wraps

Quotes for vinyl will vary depending on the quality of the finished product, complexity of design and the amount of pre-wrap preparation.  At DPR we carry out the work ourselves to maintain quality and  keep the cost contained.

Beware of wrapping without any removal of parts such as front suspension, scuttle and de-riveting the side panels and with minimal pre-wrap preparation.  Bear in mind that the vinyl wrap will highlight any small imperfections.  Even a small amount of dirt under a wrap will be highly visible let alone the dings and scrapes that are an inevitable part of wheel-to-wheel racing.


   Black + glitter wrapBlack glitter wrapped Superlight R300 foregroundBattleship grey wrap

By ensuring all work is within our won workshop we can ensure that parts are removed and correctly replaced.  With the suspension and body parts removed we can prepare the car so that the vinyl wrap does not show any underlying imperfections.  After the wrap is complete we replace/refresh the suspension including a full setup to ensure the ride & handling matches the car appearance.

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Matt black wrapped Superlight R300Polished exhaust on matt black wrap