Fixing a DPR Spa Pillar Mount to a windscreen stanchion.

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A long awaited solution for Caterham road cars that offers a much improved fit solution due use of the Spa conical nut with the Spa metal ball enabling the mirror to be tightened without removal from the stanchion.

The part advertised is just for a single adaptor to mount one Spa mirror to the windscreen stanchion. The Spa mirror is not included and is present just to show how the pillar mount would appear in use. The DPR pillar mount is supplied together with cap head bolt to fix to the windscreen stanchion and the large black nut required to secure the Spa mirror to the pillar mount as shown in the main picture.

The pillar mount can also be used with an Academy race car and on a subsequent removal of the windscreen. e.g. Roadsport upgrade to 270R, the mirror with its pillar mount can be easily mounted on the roll cage using the DPR roll cage mount. Unique flats on the side ensure that the pillar mount can be held in place whilst the mirror is tightened in position.

Fixing a DPR Spa Pillar Mount to a windscreen stanchion. 

Note: Particular care is required when tightening parts with aluminium threads, i.e. the cap head bolt securing the pillar mount to the windscreen stanchion and the Spa mirror black nut.  The cap head bolt should not be tightened to more than 5 NM to avoid stripping the aluminium thread in the stanchion. 

The DPR Pillar Mount is fitted to the Caterham windscreen stanchion as follows:

1) Remove the middle securing bolt on the windscreen stanchion.

2) Push the supplied cap head bolt through the pillar mount base.

3) To minimise the risk of the bolt becoming loose, we recommend that the exposed thread should  have thread lock added.   Use blue threadlock on the exposed thread and on the base of the pillar mount before attaching to the stanchion.

4) Screw the cap head bolt in place using an allen key.  

5) Position the pillar mount in the required alignment and as the cap head bolt is tightened hold in place with a spanner on the two flats.   Leave putting the mirrors onto the mount for 24 hours to ensure the threadlock sets firm.

6) We suggest that the threads for the pillar mount & Spa black nut are lightly lubricated with copper grease and also apply copper grease to the ball end on the Spa mirror stem.

7) When the Spa mirror is put on to the pillar mount ensure that the pillar mount is held in place whilst the Spa mirror conical nut is being tightened.  This ensures that the pillar mount does not become loose.  Take great care not to over tighten the Spa black nut as this risks stripping the threads.

CAUTION - The thread length for the cap head bolt has been designed to minimise any risk of damaging the glass windscreen. However as tolerances can vary, take care to ensure the supplied cap head bolt does not bottom out on the windscreen glass. In the unlikely event this occurs, the bolt length should be reduced