Caterham Roll Cage Mirror Mount

Specifically designed for reliable fixing of Spa or Racetech mirrors to the Caterham roll cage retaining use of the manufacturer supplied ball end.  This design ensures no compromise to the extent or ease of adjustment whilst minimising mirror vibration.

A full height side screen can not be used with these mirror mounts; either run with no side screens or the half height version.

Where the full windscreen is present, using our special adapter it is possible to mount a Spa mirror directly to the screen frame - See the Spa mirror pillar mount below.  With this method of fixing the full height side screens can be used.


DPR Mirror Mount

Supplied with a specially designed adapter to allow fixing of a centre or side mirror to the roll cage making use of the supplied ball end with the mirror.  Please specify if the mounts are required for Spa or Racetech mirrors.

A special adapter is supplied to fit the roll cage mount to the Spa or Racetech mirror. 

Our Spa mirrors are supplied already fitted with the special black nut required to mount directly to the DPR mirror mount.  Racetech mirrors are supplied with the required Racetech pillar mount.

Note: These mounts will only fit the 32mm. diameter race roll cage as fitted to current Caterham race cars. 

Spa Mirror - Convex - Black - LH

Spa mirror to fit on the LH (Passenger) side

Spa Mirror - Convex - Black - RH

Spa mirror to fit on the RH (Driver) side

Spa Mirror Pillar Mount

DPR designed pillar mount that enables a Spa side mirror to be fitted to a Caterham windscreen stanchion or a DPR roll cage mount.  The pillar mount can be used with an Academy race car and on a subsequent removal of the windscreen the mirror with its pillar mount can be easily mounted on the roll cage. Unique flats on the side ensure that the mount can be held in place whilst the mirror is tightened in position.  The pillar mount is supplied together with the the large black nut required to secure the Spa mirror to the mount.

Spa Mirror - Convex - Black - Centre

Spa mirror to use as centre located rear view mirror

Racetech Single Seater Mirror - LH/Black/Convex

Black Racetech single seater convex mirror to fit  the LH side.  Supplied with the Racetech pillar mount.

Racetech Single Seater Mirror - RH/Black/Convex

Black Racetech single seater convex mirror to fit  the RH side.  Supplied with the Racetech pillar mount.