Caterham Roll Cage Slimline Mirror Clamp

Spa or Lifeline mirrors now an option

In order to widen choice as to design we can now provide Lifeline mirrors with the required fixing to attach to our mounts unlike the standard Lifeline mirrors generally available.  Both types have the same viewing area but the Lifeline design is more angular than with the rounded Spa design

Where the full windscreen is present, using our special adapter (DPR Pillar Mount) it is possible to mount a Spa (or DPR supplied Lifeline) mirror directly to the windscreen stanchions.  With this method of fixing the full height side screens can be used subject taking care when opening the side screen.

DPR mirror mounts are specifically designed to ensure reliable fixing of Spa or Lifeline mirrors to the Caterham roll cage.  This design ensures no compromise to the extent or ease of adjustment whilst minimising mirror vibration.  This fixing also enables significantly easier adjustment as the mirror can be adjusted and tightened in position using the supplied  fixing nut.

Caterham Roll Cage Slimline Mirror Clamp - 32mm Cage Option

This slimline upgraded part has been designed to avoid damage to the roll cage paint or powder coat finish. The clamp internal diameter is slightly larger than that of the roll cage with  a thin rubber strip to fill the gap and grip when tightened. 

Caterham Roll Cage Slimline Mirror Clamp - 38mm Cage Option

Newly introduced this is the 38mm. diameter version of our slimline clamp. 

Note: This version of the mount will only fit the 38 mm. diameter race roll cage so please check before you order.  A 32mm.  diameter version of this mount is available above. 

Spa Mirror - LH, Convex, Black

Spa mirror to fit on the LH (Passenger) side. 

Spa Mirror - RH, Convex, Black

Spa mirror to fit on the RH (Driver) side

Spa Mirror - Convex - Black - Centre

Spa mirror to use as centre located rear view mirror

Single Caterham Spa Mirror Pillar Mount

The DPR designed pillar mount enables a Spa or DPR supplied Lifeline side mirror to be fitted to a Caterham windscreen stanchion . 

Single Spa Mirror Black Nut Conversion Kit

This conversion kit can simplify the mirror adjustment where an "Eccles" mount is present or for those cars where the standard Spa two hole base is fixed directly to the bodywork or aero-screen.  This conversion kit enables the mirror to be adjusted using the Spa black nut  without requiring access from underneath the standard two hole base.