Fitting Spa Mirrors to a DPR Mount

As standard a Spa side mirror comes with a fixing plate as shown in the lower picture.  This plate is removed as follows:

1)  Undo the cap head bolt holding the fixing plate on to the mirror stem.

2) Unscrew the aluminium fixing/mirror ball end from the bottom of the mirror stem and push the ball end through the supplied Spa fixing plate,

3) Push the  ball end through the black conical nut supplied with the DPR mount and screw the ball end on to the mirror stem.

4) The Spa mirror should now look as the top picture and can be fixed directly to a DPR pillar or cage mount.

Note: A Spa centre mirror is fitted in the same way as the side mirrors.   Spa mirrors supplied by DPR will have the Spa black conical nut already fitted in place.

Fixing a DPR Spa Pillar Mount to a windscreen stanchion.

The DPR Pillar Mount is fitted to the Caterham windscreen stanchion as follows:

1) Remove the middle securing bolt on the windscreen stanchion.

2) Push the supplied cap head bolt through the pillar mount base.

3) To minimise the risk of the bolt becoming loose, the exposed thread can have thread lock added.

4) Screw the cap head bolt in place using an allen key.

5) Position the pillar mount in the required alignment and as the cap head bolt is tightened hold in place with a spanner on the two flats.

6) When the Spa mirror is put on to the pillar mount ensure that the pillar mount is held in place whilst the Spa mirror conical nut is being tightened.

CAUTION - The thread length has been designed to minimise any risk of damaging the glass windscreen.  However as tolerances can vary, take care to ensure the supplied cap head bolt does not bottom out on the windscreen glass. In the unlikely event this occurs, the bolt length should be reduced.